Amazing Art of Bagru / bagru print /indigo print

Amazing Art of Bagru

Bagru is a place where you can find colors every where .  it is famous for its printing . which is known as Bagru print or indigo print. An art which is very popular for its colors .All natural colors are used in this process . they used vegetable colors which are very eye catching.

From a block made of wood, the prints are printed on clothes and beautiful beautiful designs are made.

All works are done by hand no machines are used.  This printing is an example of our traditional art and our rich culture. Visitors come here and are amazed to see this process. When the white water of the tank changes color by contact with air and then colors the clothes.

See the pictures to understand the process of dying and printng.


First they collect leaves from plants and store in a tank .and leave it for some day .  When the leaf gets decayed, the color separates from them, these leaves are used to make the color.


Large cement tanks are used to make colors.Many people work together to do this work then the color is ready to die the saree.


Then they dip the clothes in color and keep it until the color gets over it.

Now wood blocks are used to make design on saree and other fabric.

two or more than two colors are used to make a shibori saree.


First, some part of the clothing is painted with one color and then half of it in the second color.
To make beautiful design clothes are tied tightly with thread

after a long process a very beautiful bagru print saree is prepared .

It is the specialty of Bagru’s special art to make a modest sari from the magic of your hands so hard and diligent.

Tourists also can not stop themselves from trying this art here.

We salute this country’s incomparable art and its artists.


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