Tough life of Indian teen girls

Tough life of Indian teen girls

Teenage is a peculiar and a very challenging phase of one’s life. This is the time when youth are preparing to face the world. They are confused a lot and not sure of their goals . This could be due to ignorance ,peer pressure, lack of guidance or simply too many choices to choose from. This is also a time when teenagers are loggerheads with their parents. It is the universal cry of teenagers that their elders do not understand them. Very often one may find them bemoaning about the lack of sufficient freedom to do what they want and they cannot wait to grow up . they always feel cheated by time and want to prove themselves , as pioneer in many fields. In India teenagers especially young girls are finding the combination of options and freedom heady and at the same scary .they have to grapple with age old issue while the western culture fast catches up with them and necessities that they take into account their position in the present scenario. Newer tensions and values are introduced at a frightening pace. While every youngster’s problem might seem ,and often is ,individualistic, the more universal cry of Indian teenagers is necessary to be dealt with collectively.

Today’s Indian teenagers has complete exposure to western fashion and culture. Thanks to the social media, and print and electronic media. Now Indian teenagers even village and small town’s teenagers are having knowledge of fashion and life style. They also have access to international brands now increasingly available in the local market and online market. With so many international recognised beauties of indian origin like priyanka chopra , deepika padukone, aishwarya rai bachchan the indian teenagers is a truly accepted figure .

As women world over have been breaking through the glass ceiling their achievements have become legendary. Most of it needs planning at the teenager level, with only dreams being followed While dealing with surging hormones ,other pressure of the times ,search for elusive love and happiness ,youngsters are also expected to make informed choices and exercise their options.

Parents very often are unable to offer good advice because their information might be out dated or their aspirations for their children might being total contradiction to natural abilities and interests of the youngster. Internet has opened doors for teenager’s .However, it has also opened up possibilities of confusion due to extra choices.

With taboos from pre marital sex being removed and exposure to western culture of permissive sexual explorations many teenagers are making wrong choices in the name of love . just curiosity can often lead to problems, especially in boys forming groups and going to prostitutes. Girls on the other hand end up being exploited my married neighbours or cavaliers male elders. Girl may not be really even thinking to indulge but idle curiosity or lack of information pushes them in the wrong direction.

This is a crucial time when they desperately need parents and elders guidance and support . one wrong move can jeopardise their lives for ever and one right turn can result in lifelong prosperity and peace.

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